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Sport academy

The program has established a sports academy empowering the youth through creative workspaces and thus creating avenues for the youth to broadcast, exchange and elevate their skills. Juatoto FC has been growing from strength to strength.

Agriculture (comming)

The plan is to establish small-scale income generating agricultural activities to supplement the center and the needy of the local community.


The festival is an annual event that seeks to mobilize young people from different countries. The festival is a mix of workshops, sports, music and live perfomances, dance and drama.


S.H.I.N.E Theatre; drawing upon themes such as tradition, identity and culture, all presented in modern form, the S.H.I.N.E Theatre will be offering a program with high standards, both artistically and in the execution of the events.


Together with various members of African Sunz the program is establishing a professional recording studio that facilitates professional studio equipment. Vocational training will be provided and the youth will learn skills that will unlock opportunities for their future.


Education; the center will provide a curriculum that takes into consideration the unique need of the disadvantaged children, to make them self-reliant, emphasizing on reading, writing & arithmetic competence.

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