African Sunz, together with its partners, have initiated a collaborative project “Juatoto” – to establish resource centers in Gakoigo- Kenya, and in Gisenyi- Rwanda.

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The centers offer sport, talent and vocational training for children and youth. The center also provides follow-up of children and young people with the commissioning and training through various activities.
By empowering young people through creative work, we are creating venues for young people to broadcast, share and expand their skills..

Juatoto Center Project


Juatoto center is an initiative created to bridge gaps between communities, thus creating a meeting point and a larger network for children and youth.
The basic goal of the center is to gather young people together and thus create a vital community and unity, regardless of our social status. By empowering young people through creative work, we create venues for young people to broadcast, share and expand their skills. ​ This is an independent project which works with information, education, exchange projects and community involvement through workshops, sports, culture, music, dance and drama.

Juatoto center


Juatoto FC

Juatoto FC in Gisenyi, Rwanda plans to make a national league in the second division of September 2018. The team has trained and been renowned locally and outside their district for many years. They are now ready to take the next step in the national league to prove their top skills.
What remains is funding. We ask our friends and co-partners for support so that we can achieve our 2018/2019 goal.


Sport academy

The program has established a sports academy empowering the youth through creative workspaces and thus creating avenues for the youth to broadcast, exchange and elevate their skills. Juatoto FC has been growing from strength to strength.

Agriculture (comming)

The plan is to establish small-scale income generating agricultural activities to supplement the center and the needy of the local community.


The festival is an annual event that seeks to mobilize young people from different countries. The festival is a mix of workshops, sports, music and live perfomances, dance and drama.


S.H.I.N.E Theatre; drawing upon themes such as tradition, identity and culture, all presented in modern form, the S.H.I.N.E Theatre will be offering a program with high standards, both artistically and in the execution of the events.


Together with various members of African Sunz the program is establishing a professional recording studio that facilitates professional studio equipment. Vocational training will be provided and the youth will learn skills that will unlock opportunities for their future.


Education; the center will provide a curriculum that takes into consideration the unique need of the disadvantaged children, to make them self-reliant, emphasizing on reading, writing & arithmetic competence.

Get involved

Support the new ‘Soccership’ initiative where you can contribute in providing scholarships for the children and youth of Juatoto FC​. Please contact us for more information.
Supporters can give a donation to help with the basic overheads of running the center. Please contact us for more information.
Support Juatoto FC in Gisenyi (Rwanda) to make it in national second divition liga september 2018.
The range of projects which need the support of volunteers is vast and the duties assigned to each volunteer vary, however standard duties include; workshop assistance; children’s activity clubs; homework assistance; studio assistance; festival assistance; and some commercial projects assignments.
Juatoto and its associates would be privileged to partner with or be sponsored by your esteemed organization in the realization of the projects. Juatoto believes in the principle of working together with other organizations for the realization of common good. For further information please feel free to contact us through the provided contacts, and any support will be highly appericiated.


We are eternally grateful to all who support our work. All donations are welcome. Thank you.

Bank Transfer

Bank account number: 6580 36 5633

Mark payment with e.g. “Juatoto FC”.


Sarah Camille Osmundsen: +47 901 87 676

Mark payment with e.g. “Juatoto FC”.

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